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A lack of brand trust

We will help you create and execute the strategy that will improve your brand trust through user-generated content, blogging, social media profiles, reviews, and relevant ad messages. 

‍High CPA

You will never achieve positive ROAS from your first order. That is why working with clients from the industry we prioritize retention marketing and remarketing strategies. With analytics, we will help you determine your customer’s lifetime value (LTV), set target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), attract users within that cost and retain them until it pays off.

‍Negative customer reviews

We will help you increase the number of positive feedback on the sites and platforms visited by your target customers to explore testimonials. We will also create a PR content plan to boost your brand reputation.

Low organic traffic

This is often the case due to the category specs. To cope with the problem, we have come up with a creative approach. We will help you fix technical issues on your site, choose quality keywords, and create an effective keyword-based content strategy. We will also offer a strategic solution so you can obtain backlinks from trusted websites and work with influencers across your niche. We are ready to assign our copywriters or use copywriting on your end.

A need for email marketing campaigns

We will analyze your site or app to choose the most effective channels for customer retention and increase repeat sales. Our experience shows that push notifications work better than emails, however, you can achieve great results only using s full stack of tools. We’ll help you build an effective retention marketing strategy for improving LTV and reducing acquisition costs.

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