Real estate

A high number of promoted objects unable to keep relevant

With hundreds or thousands of site pages, it’s difficult to update ads and monitor the relevancy of each object. The Media Moris team has developed our own scripts which allow automation of the maximum of processes related to PPC, SEO, and retention marketing. 

Low organic traffic

89.2% of real estate site owners admit that blogs are their most efficient digital channel. We will help you analyze your competitors, select effective and competitive keywords, create and implement a content strategy to boost target visits from search.

High fees on third-party marketplaces (, Airbnb, etc.)

If you partner with a large marketplace, though transactions out there are too expensive, we will help you to build a strategy to increase traffic and conversion rate with an optimal cost per action (CPA).

Poor email marketing performance

Effective email marketing campaigns are highly effective in terms of building brand trust and loyalty. We will help you create triggered emails, configure push notifications and develop contact forms to widen your customer base.

A lack of brand trust

We will help you create and execute the strategy that will improve your brand trust through user-generated content, blogging, social media profiles, reviews, and relevant ad messages.

Negative customer reviews

We will help you increase the number of positive feedback on the sites and platforms visited by your target customers to explore testimonials. We will also create a PR content plan to boost your brand reputation.


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