Site pages are not indexing

It’s a common issue we cope with. To increase your website traffic, we will conduct a server log analysis, improve internal linking, and optimize your content.

High competition in SERPs

Mostly it seems impossible to rank higher than top competitors across your niche. Another great pain for travel businesses is that price comparison sites get all clicks, while you only gain referral sales that are less profitable. We will help you audit and optimize your website, analyze your products and demand, collect effective keywords and win the best positions in SERPs. 

A high number of promoted objects are unable to keep relevant

With hundreds or thousands of site pages, it’s difficult to update ads and monitor the relevance of each product. The Media Moris team has developed own scripts which allow automation of the maximum of pay-per-click, PPC-related processes. We automatically create ad content to effectively manage ad campaigns based on product availability and PPC results. 

Lack of user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a proven way to build credibility and trust in the travel sector. We will use site widgets, emails, gamification and other tools to make your customers leave more quality and positive reviews across digital platforms and social media networking.

Start a successful blog

Your blog is vital for consumers on inspiration, informational, and comparison phases. We will help you launch an engaging  blog to generate traffic and leads to your site.


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